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Welcome to the National IDX Summit. It's live! 

Watch the summit speakers & engage in the fire side chats - all live - from 27-29 April 2016.

Tweet your questions using #ouridxfuture. We'll ask them in the Fire Side Chat.

Tweet your comments using #ouridxfuture. We'll include them in the daily open.

Live  now:
Missed it live? Catch up here.

Share with your family, friends and community.

Live streaming schedule:
Wednesday, 27 April
  • 9am, Summit Open
  • 11am, Inspiring Speakers
  • 11.30am, Fire Side Chat
  • 1.30pm, Inspiring Speakers
  • 2.30pm, Fire Side Chat
Thursday, 28 April
  • 9am, Inspiring Speakers
  • 4.30pm, Day 2 Wrap Up
Friday, 29 April
  • 9am, Inspiring Speakers
  • 3.30pm, Where we have  got to
  • 4.25pm,  Close by the Prime Minister of Australia
All times are for Sydney, Australia.
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